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Online Blackjack Plays You Should Master

If you’re interested in blackjack and want to increase your winning odds whenever you play it online, you’ll have to learn some plays. Blackjack isn’t a hard game to play but it does help increase your chances when you master some tried and tested strategies.

Hit or Draw

Players have the choice to open after they have received the initial two cards. If they don’t like the total of their first pair of cards, they may ask for more cards either by drawing or hitting in order to better their total card value. In order to do this, the player uses their cards to scrape the table’s felt surface. The scraping motion should be towards them.

If they wish to hit, they may also point their finger to the cards. Players are not allowed to handle their cards if they are distributed face up. They just leave the cards as they are dealt by the dealer.


If the player is happy with the card total he has and would prefer to add any more, he may slide the cards with their face down right under the bet he placed to indicate that he is standing.

If the cards have been distributed with their faces up, a simple waving down of the pam and then side to side over the cards would indicate the same thing. Standing means staying with whatever the card total is.

Double down.

Players have the choice to double down whatever the original bet was, subject to the cards that have been dealt to him. In doing so, another card will have to be drawn and once that card has been dealt, he will no longer be able to draw any more cards. To indicate that he wants to double down the bet, he just has to have his hand turned with the palm up and then have the cards placed right in front of the bet.

The same amount of the original bet will also be added. The chips should be positioned next to the original bet to incite that there are now two bets of equal amount on your side of the table. An additional card will be dealt to you by the dealer. It will be placed face down, it’s common to have the card slipped under the bet and it would be up to the payer to look at the card value or not.

Split a pair.

In the event that a player gets handed two cards of the same value, he has the choice to split the cards into two different hands. Note that when you have two face cards or two 10s means that you have a pair of 10s. If you want to split the cards, just turn both up and separate them, then place them at the front of the bet.

The same bet amount will now be added to the additional hand as the second hand’s wager. These hands will be played separately so players that will use this play will have the possibility to lose one hand and win the other.