Innovation Park at Notre Dame: 2013 year in review
Innovation Park at Notre Dame
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Letter from the CEO

Dear Friends of Innovation Park at Notre Dame,

Thank you for your continuing interest and support as we complete our fourth year of operation. 2013 was a very successful year at the Park, as evidenced by the excellent progress of existing client companies and the admission of 16 new start-ups! Their momentum and emerging future potential enhance our role and responsibilities within the broader research mission at Notre Dame, and we are excited to accept the challenge to serve our clients in their march to market.

Here are a few key metrics to highlight the Park's progress since its doors opened:

Cultivating marketable innovations in an inspirational environment remains the mission of Innovation Park at Notre Dame. We are fortunate to be an active partner with the 30 resident companies breaking new ground in information technology software and hardware, nanotechnology, energy, medical technologies, and micro-fluidics, in addition to companies working to create a specific social impact. While each is focused on realizing its own potential as a sustainable enterprise, all share the common goal to disrupt the status quo to yield constructive change in the market.

The opportunities and challenges facing these young companies demand more than a good idea and team passion. They require an openness to seek assistance and actively collaborate with market experts in the region and in the Notre Dame network. Facilitated introductions to these experienced practitioners provide invaluable professional counsel and direction, and, quite often, are an important source of encouragement during the inevitable rough times.

We appreciate the generosity of so many individuals and foundations that recognize and support the effort to accelerate the innovative spirit and active entrepreneurship at Notre Dame. These benefactors and partners devote time, talent and capital to this effort, and we sincerely thank them. However, maintaining and accelerating this momentum requires additional resources that are urgently needed to add new space and enhance client support programs. Please contact me directly for more information.

Please continue to follow the progress of the many aspiring entrepreneurs and companies on our web site: or via this new application for mobile devices: Contact any one of the Park team if you would like a tour or are interested in getting involved as a client company, mentor, investor, or partner.

Your continued interest and support of Innovation Park's mission is sincerely appreciated. Thank you.

Best wishes for 2014.

David H Brenner: Executive Director

2013 signature moments

AT&T Hackathon

Powered by ...

a never ending supply of caffeine and calories, in 24 short hours, over 50 coders, entrepreneurs and students formed 13 teams to create, build and present apps that might be on your phone soon!

ND Tech Forum

Bringing together ...

Notre Dame Alumni specializing in technology and entrepreneurship, the 3rd Annual Notre Dame Tech Forum addressed a crowd nearing 100 students and guests with candid answers to some the hardest questions entrepreneurs face.

Whirlpool Corporation

Innovation Park partners in ...

corporate ideation with Whirlpool with facility...wide amenities that inspire creativity and enhance mind opening exercises.

CLIENT progress

CarexTech, Incorporated

Engaging Families, Residents and Staff of Long Term Care Facilities through Technology

While families with loved ones in assisted living desire more communication from their caregivers, assisted living organizations struggle to meet the daily demands of caring for the aging population. CarexTech is filling this market need with a simple technology solution that provides more frequent family contact without extended amounts of time.


Personalizing Corporate E-learning

With Mopi16, aligning corporate training and messaging is in the palm of your hands. Now inhouse trainers and marketers can create, update and manage eNuggets® in an easy to use ondemand environment keeping employees with all corporate policies and messaging.


Disinfection Technology moves forward with ITT Exelis Partnership

On site trials confirm Altapure's Hj-30i consistently achieves a 100% kill for common pathogens like MRSA and Cdifficle, addressing a serious and costly dilemma facing the healthcare industry.


Gaining Traction in the Marketplace

Data tells a story and big data client, Aunalytics helps clients aggregate their data to fuel business changes with facts, not intuition. With proprietary algorithms the company launched their web based analytics tool Aunsight just this year.

Ionic Research Technologies

Stoking the fire for product development

Collaboration between the University of Notre Dame and Ionic Research Technologies is finding refrigerants that are safer for our environment and more effective. Ionic liquids are leading the way in multiple industries.

US Nano

Moving from research into commercialization

Flexible, bendable nanowires continue to demonstrate novel characteristics, bringing US Nano into the forefront of nanowire technology. Extended funding keeps US Nano driving towards a flexible, bendable solution to bring to the marketplace.

Indiana Integrated Circuits

Creating a full spectrum solution through strategic partnerships

Improved circuit board communication means faster, more reliable computer processing, and Indiana Integrated Circuits is leading the way by secured sales and large contracts in 2013.

Oak Financial

Inaugural Product launch set for Q1 – 2014

With first round funding nearing $1.5 million, Oak Financial looks to the launch it's first product this quarter. Chapulin™ is a prepaid Mastercard targeting Hispanics without a regular bank. Learn more about the product offering and investors here.

Hsiri (formerly PracticaChem)

Joining forces for greater impact

While finding new treatments for microbacterial diseases may not be a top priority for large pharmaceutical companies, client company PracticaChem...US recently joined forces with Hsiri Therapeutics, LLC to pursue treatments to common and hard to fight diseases like MRSA. Testing of five different therapies is currently underway.

Stay Metrics

Proving a new business model

Transportation companies face incredible challenges when their commercial drivers leave their company. Stay Metrics is providing a solution that gives companies the tools to improve driver retention and data to keep them on the road. Learn more about their collaborative work with Notre Dame.

WHAT'S next

3Circle Growth

3Circle Growth helps companies design and implement corporate growth strategies

Corporate growth is difficult whether the company is in its early stages or established. Innovation Park client company, 3Circle Growth has built a program with a proprietary algorithm to take the pain and much of the guess work out of building and implementing a growth strategy.

Growing the Faith

Founded, Funded and Focused

A team with diverse business backgrounds, come together in Growing the Faith to create a parish management tool designed to carry the administrative burdens of managing the business and volunteer operations of a parish. Aiming to pilot their technology this year, several parishes in Indiana and Illinois, are looking forward to the assistance.


Building Proof of Concept

Diagnosing a sports related injury can be easy if it is a broken bone. But detecting hidden injuries like concussions can be deadly. Founded by Notre Dame students and staff, Contect uses technology and sociology to help team trainers and emergency personnel detect the likelihood of a concussion on the field.


First Sale – Delivered!

Seeing the unseen, LightSprite's laser spectrospy system allows researchers to see nano sized particles from the field, opening the door to onsite testing and diagnosis. The team recently made its first sale and is working on getting additional units into the marketplace.

Greenbridge Growers

Building their Foundation

Aquaponic agriculture is one of the newest technologies offering food industry partners a direct connection to fresh produce in seasonal climates. The system is chemical free and operational in any climate. Read more about how Greenbridge Growers, LLC is using their system to not only enhance the environment, but to give autistic adults employment opportunities.

South Bend Student Housing

Filling a Student Need

Off campus student housing can be difficult to find and assess. Client Company South Bend Student Housing is addressing that need with a simple technology to compare the location, size and cost of housing options electronically, giving students a broader and more complete selection tool. With several rental companies and retail brokers registered to the site, the company looks to launch early this year in South Bend.

Support Innovation

Innovation Park plays a vital role in the University's research mission, by providing the space, professional services and access to campus resources to transform ideas into the market. To do so successfully takes considerable resources—both financial and non-financial—to serve the wide variety of ventures. Your gift can make a difference! On behalf of the Innovation Park team , our sincere thanks for your consideration and encouragement.

Please note that your gift to Innovation Park counts as a donation to the University of Notre Dame.

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