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Learn to Play Craps— Every Newbie’s Guide

If you’re new to online casinos and want to learn a new game to play, craps may be one game you’d like to consider. A lot of people seem to be intimidated with the game but if you’re looking for some round table action, it is one game worth learning more about.

It’s easy for new players to get anxious and confused about how the craps game flows, especially when they are doing so in an actual casino. However, this isn’t always a problem when you’re playing online, you get to concentrate more, especially if you’re playing at the comforts of home. There may be some differences in the way land-based and online craps are played but generally, they follow the same rules.

Practice Makes New Players Perfect

If you have never had any experience playing craps before, the best way to really learn and master the game is by practicing it as often as you can. This is easily done today especially since there are online casinos that offer free-plays for the game.

This means you can lay it as much as you like. You won’t need to bet any money so you won’t have to worry about performing dismally at first. Allowing yourself to play the game over and over will help you understand the rules better, grasp its basic principles, as well as ensure that you master the game first before you attempt at playing it with bets on.

This is also a good time for you to experiment on what works and what doesn’t when playing the game. In craps, your best friend will be the pass line. Place your bet on it and then roll the dice. Getting an 11 or 7 means you win, a 12, 3 or 2 mean you lose, any number means you’ll need to roll the dice again until you end up rolling a 7.

Money needs to be added to the pass line bet. To do this, just click on the bet in order to add the chips. It’s important that you do not miss this step as the money you will bet will pay out the true off of getting the number rolled.

Among the best that you should consider using include pass line using odds, come with odds, don’t come and don’t pass. You can also place or buy a certain number. However, it is best that you steer clear from one roll, hard ways and all other bets.

Online Craps

When moving from casino craps to the virtual craps, you’ll find that the game will be significantly quieter than what you were used to. However, you’ll soon learn to appreciate the peace, calm, and quiet of being able to place your bets at your own pace. The leisurely manner in which you can play the game allows you to relax, concentrate more as well as employ the right strategies to give you a better chance at scoring a win.