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Our clients are why we exist and we want to see them successfully graduate from our program with viable market enterprises. We help them Connect, Collaborate and Commercialize by engaging them in a creative environment where they will gain momentum from expert market advice and access to university resources.

ALTAPURE LLC's advanced, patented high-level sterilization technologies fight against increasingly drug-resistant pathogens to disinfect facilities and instruments in a variety of applications including health care, military/defense, pharmaceuticals, mold and pesticide remediation, and food-production facilities.

Using the physics of ultrasonics, the high-level disinfection device emits a dense cloud of sub-micron-sized droplets that can kill some of the most pernicious microorganisms in the process. The technology has demonstrated 100-percent kill rates in laboratory tests and leaves behind no residue and only nontoxic byproducts.

ALTAPURE is headquartered in Tomahawk, Wis.

Aunalytics is a technology company that offers data analytics and predictive modeling solutions, primarily in the areas of financial services, retail, and non-clinical healthcare data.


Comprised of data scientists, software engineers, and business experts who love solving high impact data-driven business problems through analytics, Aunalytics challenges mid-sized organizations to “rethink data” by leveraging their existing data to solve their most challenging problems, deliver superior results, and change lives. Through the fusion of math, statistics, and computer science, Aunalytics develops customized algorithms to answer organizations’ most pressing business questions—providing meaningful insights that increase their ROIs. 

Pioneering in healthcare communication and family engagement, CarexTech partners with Assisted Living organizations nationwide to create and sustain a higher level of communication and engagement between families, residents, and caregivers, to ultimately improve the overall family and staff experience.  

CarexTech offers a comprehensive portfolio of SaaS cloud based solutions that engages the family members and staff of Assisted Living and Long Term Care facilities and identifies areas in which to drive efficiency and reduce costs while improving family and staff satisfaction and the quality of life for residents.CarexTech works with clients across the country to better engage their current as well as future family members through an integrated approach and improved business analytics.  An intuitive, user-centered design makes our solutions easy to use for families and staff.



Healthcare, family engagement, employee engagement, effective communication, consulting, data analytics, family and resident experience, care management

CNVRS is a conversation based social network mobile application, created and organized by its community of users, distributed on the App Store and the Android market. CNVRS highlights personalized conversation through crowd-sourced questions and answers for the sake of a more unique user experience - resulting in more quality conversation. Members of the CNVRS community have the ability to "star" both questions and answers, resulting in the most quality questions and answers being ranked by its popularity over time. By asking and answering quality questions, a CNVRS member collects stars which are displayed on their homepage as a social badge to showcase their expertise and involvement with the CNVRS community as a whole.   

Emu Solutions is commercializing technologies to eliminate the bottleneck between memory and logic capabilities in computer systems. An increasingly common and critical issue for businesses and government, the proprietary "Enhanced Memory Utilization (EMU)" hardware and software technology frees the flow of data between processors and memory.

The company was founded in 2004 by Notre Dame computer science and engineering professors Peter Kogge and Jay Brockman and California Institute of Technology researcher Ed Upchurch. The technology draws on patents licensed through the University of Notre Dame.

GoLIMS® is a web-based laboratory information management system (LIMS) utilized by researchers that streamlines the discovery process and enhances their collaboration with sharing and presentation tools. Using cloud technologies, GoLIMS was developed to handle any research project from idea to intellectual property and provide a centrally located research hub complete with the functionality needed to organize any research.

Research teams can focus less on paperwork through a platform that organizes projects, electronic notebooks, inventories, and files in a system that is secure, always available, and accessible from anywhere. GoLIMS takes research informatics beyond traditional methods by offering essential functionality for small-to-medium sized teams while conforming to regulatory requirements. 

Greenbridge Growers uses organic growing methods and materials, in a year-round farming method, called Aquaponics. Within this system, fish and plants grow in harmony, producing faster growing rates and much less waste to provide midwestern states fresh produce in all seasons.

While they build out their network of customers which includes Whole Foods, the company is working to create an easy to use operational system and build a workforce of autistic adults. Over 90% of autistic adults are out of work and have trouble finding a job. By creating a replicable system throughout the region, Greenbridge Growers hopes to nourish both bodies and souls.

Christ Himself wrote our business plan: “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”  We are Catholic technologists who believe the disruption of modern technology and social networks can enable evangelization at a scale never before possible, enabling us to build global business that changes the world for the better.  
The Catholic faith has an engagement problem.  Only 7% of people at an average parish are actively engaged in their faith, yet that small number provides 80% of the time, talent, and treasure that flows to a parish.  Grow that number to 15 or 20% and you change the fate of a community.  We do this through OneParish, our flagship offering that creates a single point of engagement and discipleship for staff and parishioners, making it easy to get involved, stay involved, and support one another's faith journey.

Hsiri Therapeutics is a privately held pharmaceutical company focusing on antibiotics.  The Company has three development programs all licensed in from the laboratories of Dr. Marvin Miller at the University of Notre Dame.  All three programs are at the pre-clinical stage but Hsiri expects to have at least one ready for IND filing by the end of 2013. 

Indiana Integrated Circuits LLC is working to commercialize Quilt Packaging™, a technology licensed through the University of Notre Dame to streamline microchip packaging, resulting in lower costs, greater speed and higher efficiency.

The patented circuitry is designed to minimize or eliminate data transfer issues by using a much more streamlined connection than has previously been available in existing technologies, thereby reducing costs of the final product as well as communications lag time between chips.

Our foundational ionic liquid chemistry was invented at the University of Notre Dame and developed its commercial vision through Innovation Park at Notre Dame.


As part of this commercial vision, ILS has leveraged its cornerstone technology with other scientists in the United States and Europe and has constructed a business model and capital structure to deploy its technologies to commercial markets around the world.


Our first two applications are two distinct technologies for the refrigeration market and the chromium electroplating market. These technologies will be deployed into global markets, providing environmental solutions that will change the way many industries meet their customer requirements.

Law Enforcement Learning is the world's first online learning marketplace for law enforcement and security professionals. Take courses from the best law enforcement and security instructors or design, build, and sell your own distance learning classes. Learn, teach, and save with Law Enforcement Learning. 

LightSprite, LLC uses Light Transmission Spectroscopy (LTS) to characterize all types of nanoparticles, analyzing their size, shape, and number in a fluid suspension over a wide range of temperatures and concentrations in a portable testing device.

Mopi16 works with organizations to design and implement meaningful e-learning experiences that are centered on their products, values, and their unique identities. Companies can use these online learning experiences to improve user skill-sets, build a community of innovation within their organization, and even create exciting outreach possibilities.

Mopi16 founders Scott and Gina Anderson bring the collective expertise of a Ph.D. engineer who has detailed knowledge and experience building innovative systems, and a special educator who can break down any task for even the most challenged learner. With this unique combination of skills, along with its team of media and content developers, Mopi16 is able to deliver powerful e-learning solutions to clients.

NanDio is changing the field of Molecular Diagnostics with a Point of Care Platform that diagnoses infectious diseases and cancer faster and cheaper than current diagnostic tools. Using a proprietary control unit, their disposable cartridge analyzes patient samples using proven hybridization to identify genetic sequences and ion-exchange technology for active processing. 

Founded in 2014, additional diagnostic tools are being developed to detect both oral and pancreatic cancer. These microRNA assays are compatible with existing testing methods as well as the NanDio POC platform.


Neo Industries LLC is a surface technology company that is working to develop new approaches for applying coatings to surfaces for industrial applications.

Neo Industries is a leading provider of wear-resistant surface treatments for industrial applications. These include nickel and copper plating, chrome plating work rolls, electro discharge texturing, grinding and polishing.

Neo has its facilities at five locations in North America and two in Europe. The company offers its services to a diverse range of industries, including steel and aluminum manufacturers.

Oak Financial Software Corp. provides financial services to underserved populations in the Americas at competitive prices using state-of-the-art technology: making financial services easy, global, and mobile.

Partnered with international schools and companies, Pacific Link creates unparalled educational services to prepare Chinese youth for a successful life and career. Beginning with middle school age students, the PLIES gives Asian students opportunities to develop proficiency in English while building cultural understanding through international immersion. 

Programs include a 2 to 4 year High School program where students earn an American diploma; A Summer Leadership Institutes where students work for three weeks within the Young Entrepreneurs Institute to develop new business ideas; and a five week winter immersion program in which students attend an American school while living with a host family.

PLIES: Partner • Prepare • Place • Propel

Springboard Engineering uses 3D prototyping to move products and ideas into the marketplace. Their expertise ranges from initial design to prototype construction, supply chain development and design optimization. 

STAYMetrics improves the profitability of trucking companies by reducing driver turnover, improving safety performance and job satisfaction, and providing a platform for effective corporate communications. In an industry with chronic driver shortages, customized programs for better recruiting and retention are critically important to the bottom line.

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supplierIQ is the source for multi-industry supplier information. Their matchmaking platform is designed to help improve corporate sourcing decisions to enhance and expand sales.

Trek 10 believes in the power of cloud computing and assists companies to harness the power Amazon Web Services. They understand that new operational plans can be challenging to implement and deploy. With their step-by-step guide, the transition is simple.

Our foundational ionic liquid chemistry was invented at the University of Notre Dame and developed its commercial vision through Innovation Park at Notre Dame.


As part of this commercial vision, ILS has leveraged its cornerstone technology with other scientists in the United States and Europe and has constructed a business model and capital structure to deploy its technologies to commercial markets around the world.


Our first two applications are two distinct technologies for the refrigeration market and the chromium electroplating market. These technologies will be deployed into global markets, providing environmental solutions that will change the way many industries meet their customer requirements.

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