• Dave Brenner Executive Director

    Dave Brenner provides executive leadership skills and guidance to Innovation Park’s client companies on their “march to market.” His expertise spans over 40 years as an entrepreneur and corporate leader for Fortune 100 companies.

  • Natalie Stahl Facility Manager

    Natalie creates workable spaces that provide the flexibility and tools that assist clients in advancing their businesses and ensures that all aspects of the facility are working correctly.

  • Kiley Wood Business Manager

    As the Business Manager, Kiley works to automate and simplify business processes, giving clients the ability to focus on building their business.

  • Charles W. Powell Client Services Associate

    Charles manages the daily duties of the front desk with the varied flow of activities within the Park. He plays a key role in client enrollment and orientation, as well as providing tours to a wide range of visitors and supports the wide range ...

  • Barb Client Services Associate

    Barb brings her clerical skills to the Innovation Park staff and assists clients and guest coming to Innovation Park. She is one of the esteemed University of Notre Dame ‘Yellow Coat’ Ushers, with a commitment to excellence and an extensive knowledge

  • Connie Varga Events

    Connie makes meetings a breeze for clients of the Park and the community. She coordinates every detail to ensure the objectives of your meeting can be met. From rentals to caterers, Connie brings energy and hospitality to friends and guests alike.

  • Missy Events

    Missy adds flare to any lunch or dinner setting with creative presentations and festive touches throughout the venue. She brings her expertise in themed meals and events frequently used in both personal and professional settings.